Story, identity and philosophy.

Our commitment and compass



Drop Campers was founded in 2017 as a result of a desire for freedom and adventure, the consequence of a vital, professional and family history of two brothers, Mario and Albert Fernández.


We share our fascination for nature, outdoor activities, motors and design. This confluence, made us investigate in a travel alternative that would allow us a style and philosophy of life more connected with the essential and based on the experiences.


During a family trip through the United States, we discovered the Classic Teardrop Trailers, small, functional, comfortable, all-terrain, sleek lines, self-sufficient, with a story to tell, very popular in other countries and with a great future ahead. So, we decided to build them for ourselves, and provide the opportunity for others to enjoy these yearnings for freedom and mobility.


It is also about valuing traditional and artisans’ trades in a post-industrialized era, incorporating new trends and technology, but preserving those emotions that can be conveyed when materials are worked with respect.


We think that our teardrop trailers or mini caravans are the result of a personalized creative journey, for a demanding public, with sensitiveness for design and the environment.


Bit by bit, we sum and grow as a sustainable cooperative, our way to understand the society and the economics from an integrative and innovative perspective.


We believe that apart from “makers”, we can also be “changemakers” to make this a better place to live, inspiring, connecting and equipping those who pursue a positive lifestyle of change and impact…

and we know that you too.

What inspires us. The reason for being



Simplicity & functionality

In design as the ultimate expression of freedom and elegance.

Eco-friendly manufacturing

Work towards the use of quality, inert and natural materials.

Attention to detail

Functionality and comfort with a flexible and adaptable offer.

Inspire freedom

Adventure, fun, vitality, optimism, wellness, happiness and peace.

Minismalism & creativity

Do more with less, be adventurous thinking about new challenges.

Learn & adapt

Keep curiosity alive, see, listen and observe to create value and innovate.

None of us is as good as all of us together



Mario Fernández
Design & Production

Founding partner, responsible for design, workshop and production.

Albert Fernández
Design & Marketing

Founding partner, responsible for design, marketing and communication.

Oriol Calés
Supply chain & Quality

Partner, production assistant and responsible for supply chain and quality.

Gerard Gomà
Engineering & Production

Partner, builder and workshop fitter, responsible for technical engineering.

Cesc Carles
Carpentry & Furniture

Trainee student from the Guillem Catà FP Institute (Manresa).

Bigotis, Pia & Lola
Pets & Companions

Responsible for reducing stress and increasing collaboration and exercise.

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Teardrop trailers that inspire philosophies of live and travel styles.