It will follow you to the end of the world

It will follow you to the end of the world


Drop Campers Dropland



by Drop Campers

The Dropland mini caravan with a sleek design and minimalist style is built to meet any challenge. Configured on an oversized frame that guarantees its resistance, it has a suspension system of springs and shock absorber totally independent, and 4×4 size wheels.

The customizable exterior finish can be in anodized aluminum or ultra-resistant Line-X treatment.

Whether you are looking for the off-road expedition trailer that accompanies you to the end of the world, or if you want the most reliable mini caravan without sacrificing style, the Dropland is your best choice.

Drop Campers Dropland vista lateral - teardrop travel trailer

2 to 5 (with accessories)


485 kg.


Width: 140 cm
Length: 265 cm
Height: 112 cm


Width: 198 cm
Length: 400 cm
Height: 180 cm

You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it.

Jack London

Sistema de suspensión Dropland teardrop travel trailer

4×4 suspensions


At the time of defining the characteristics that should have the Dropland, the first entry was a suspension not only capable of absorbing strong impacts, but to keep the Drop to the ground, we did not want a jumping trailer, which was losing contact with the ground and creating inertias in our vehicle. Not noticing that “you wear it” is an important factor when driving with a trailer.

The Dropland is built on an oversized frame, very resistant, with a totally independent suspension system, driven by variable progressive springs and hydraulic shock absorbers.

Vista exterior interior Dropland teardrop trailer armarios redes

Beauty and beast


Like all Drop Campers models, the Dropland can be purchased in two exterior finish types, anodized aluminum and Line-X treatment.

The anodized aluminum gives the Dropland an exclusive look, a mix of retro and modern with a lot of style. Someone commented during the design process at Drop Campers : “If Indiana Jones had a Drop, it would be an aluminum Dropland“. He convinced us.

The Line-X treatment is the definitive finish for those who are going to give an intensive off-road use to the Dropland. It is ultraresistant, does not suffer by tree branch scratches, supports stones impacts without suffering any damage, and gives the Drop an extra high structural strength. Also, the Dropland looks spectacular.

Barras de carga y toldo Dropland teardrop trailer



The Dropland can be equipped with everything you need, 4×4 rescue plates, drums, shovel, etc. We can design and manufacture the supports of what you want to load onto your Drop.

We have in our catalog a load bars system, in which you can install a retractable awning, a ski or bike rack, a roof tent, an African roof rack, etc.

In addition, the base package has a high capacity locking storage box to the front, manufactured in a high resistance synthetic material and totally watertight. In it, you can storage camping chairs, ski boots, tools or a portable chemical toilet.

You can also expand its sleeping space from 2 to 3 and 5 seats, with a bunk system for a child or with a roof tent.

Conexión placa solar exterior Dropland teardrop trailer

Solar energy


All the Droplands have among the standard equipment a charge regulator and an external connector to recharge the battery of the Drop with a solar panel.

Although, you can request a battery with more charge as an option, the Dropland mounts a 12V and 90A batery, which offers an autonomy range of two to three days with a refrigerator compressor of 35W/h of consumption.

The battery is also automatically recharged with the alternator of the car while it is circulating, or by connecting to the 220V home network.

Tomas de 220V agua Dropland teardrop trailer



Water is life. Isn’t it great a cool water shower after a surfing, biking or climbing morning?

The Dropland has a 60 liters water tank, so you can cook, wash dishes or take a shower.

By means of the external fast connection, and its shower flexo with switch by pressure, you will enjoy many many minutes of fresh water.

Espacio interior Dropland teardrop travel trailer

Warmth and comfort


Is there anything better after a hard journey than setting up a camp and enjoying dinner and conversation with our fellow travelers. When the time comes, we want to rest with maximum comfort, well insulated from the elements, on a comfortable mattress -standard measuring 135 cm x 190 cm.

We continue betting on natural wood as a structural and comfort element. We use Finnish birch plywood, with water-based varnish, without solvents.

Dropland confort iluminación interior teardrop trailer



All the lighting is by low power consumption LEDs. We have designed the light points to create a comfortable environment.

Inside, in addition to the general lighting, there are two small reading lamps, so as not to disturb your partner. Outside, there are light points on the doors and in the rear kitchen area.

In the control console is the radio with Bluetooth and USB jack, two speakers inside and two outside in the kitchen area. In addition, it has charging sockets for mobile phones, battery charge indicator, switches for external and general interior lights.

Dropland claraboya ventilación armarios teardrop trailer

Fresh air


A skylight on the roof allows us to sleep cool at night. It has a fan that can be operated to expel air to the outside, creating a pleasant and smooth current, or it can be used as a fan, to help us fall asleep on warm summer nights.

The central control console has a potentiometer that allows regulating the speed of the fan.

Ceiling fans are healthier because they do not dry out the environment. The movement of the air disperses the heat, evaporates the sweat and intensifies the sensation of freshness by reducing the temperature by up to 8 degrees.

Cocina Dropland Drop Campers teardrop trailer

… and coffee on waking up


It’s said that there are only three really important things when traveling in a self-sufficient way: a good bed, protection against low temperatures, and hot coffee in the morning.

At Drop Campers we agree with this opinion, so in addition to insulating materials and a high quality mattress, we have designed an outdoor kitchen area with space for everything: a vertical compartment with large capacity that can fit two folding chairs and a table, a drawer to house the stove, an aluminum box that allows you to store all the household items and a fridge, which can be passive or electric, depending on your preference.

And of course, it also has two cup holders for coffee or tea in the morning.

Would you like to have an Dropland built for you?

Handcrafted limited production

Configure yours and request a quote

Build your own, select the standard accessories you would like to make it yours, and you will receive a personalized quote. Each Dropland teardrop trailer is precisely built to order, current lead times are 2 to 3 months, be sure to book your production slot soon to have yours ready for your forthcoming adventures!

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