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Drop Campers Dropland Offroad Teardrop Trailer
Custom Dropland range from

€ 24,900

VAT exclusive

  • Totally capable

    • High performance
    • Versatility
    • Character

  • Suits you

    • Style
    • Customization
    • Sustainability


high performance

Teardrop trailer

Wherever you go with your Crossover, SUV or 4×4, you will get with your Dropland. Designed for the most versatile and extreme use, for robustness and dynamic all-road and off-road capabilities, the Dropland will never fail you.

Its most overland version it’s built on an oversized frame, with a full independent springs and shock absorbers suspension system. A progressive suspension, very smooth at the first way and firm at the end.

In addition to the option of aluminum exterior finish, which gives it a amazing look, we have developed a special treatment in Line-X, an outer layer that makes it almost indestructible.

If you are looking for comfort in the most inaccessible places, the Dropland is your high performance, ultralight, aerodynamic, and highly customizable, it is available in 3 versions and capabilities: Crossover, SUV and Extreme Offroad, with 2 levels of equipment: Essence and Comfort, and multiple options and accessories.

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“To approach nature, to live with it and not only in it.
Enjoy the company or loneliness. Enjoy what really matters to you.”

Drop Campers

A little history

Honeymoon House Trailer

The first teardrop was designed by Louis Rogers as a small camper trailer to spend his honeymoon in 1936. Soon, new improved versions appeared, and with the years, that concept of lightweight mini caravan gained followers among the public. Easy to tow and with an aerodynamic shape that reduces the drag force and fuel consumption, today, with an updated design, the teardrop is still popular all over the world.

Most of the original teardrop trailers were built out of WWII surplus materials, with steel, tubes, and wheels sourced from salvaged Army Jeeps, and the shiny aluminum exteriors from the wings of bombers. At Drop Campers we recover the old school style, and the Dropland with an aluminum exterior continues the history of a classic with contemporary functionality and comfort. Keeping the origins in mind moves us towards sustainable design.

“Sometimes, the best way to rethink the future is to look back.”

We want to win back the real value of living experiences and sharing them.

We know that “what is indispensable is half of what is necessary”, that the less we carry on, the freer we will feel.

This was the essence of the first craftsmen who built their own mini caravan, this is our vision, and that of Mario and Albert, founders of Drop Campers in 2018.

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